• Who will benefit?

    Students will receive expanded access to online courses as well as support services including advising, tutoring, library, technology support, and financial aid. We will all benefit from increased efficiency in our online course offerings and better coordination of support resources across the consortium.

  • When is the project launching?

    The Consortial Model Overview was first released in November 2020, and we began planning in Spring 2021. We moved to a single instance of D2L in AY22 and are piloting our first seven courses in Spring 2023.

  • Why are we doing this?

    Transitioning to the Colorado Online model will help to grow new online enrollments, develop new online programs and grow new markets, improve efficiency and increase net revenue, develop a model that better supports student success, and most importantly, meet Higher Learning Commission accreditation requirements.

  • How will the transition happen?

    We will used a phased approach, moving more courses each semester to the new model until all fully online courses are offered through the consortium by Fall 2024. Cross-functional teams with representatives from the colleges and system staff will work together to build upon and improve existing processes.

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